Residential Elevator

Location Minneapolis, Minnesota; 2000

This elevator was added to the center of an existing 3 story spiral staircase. The shaft consists of custom steel corner posts and glass walls that are supported on the existing stair stringers at each floor. The client wanted a cab design that appeared to be an old ornate enclosure that might have been found in Asia. The lower wall designs were hand-painted; the upper walls consist of ornamental ironwork backed with glass. The ironwork on the birdcage top is open to the skylight above.



  • General Contractor: D.S. Trudeau Construction
  • Hydraulic Elevator: Eagle Elevator
  • Cab Fabrication: Hauenstein & Burmeister
  • Cab Wall Artwork: Monica Fogg

elev&stairs-big 300

View from entry foyer

elev_inter-big 300

View of cab interior



elev_roof-big 300

View of cab roof through the glass shaft

elev_detail-big 300

Handrail and shaft corner detail