Black River Construction

Middlesex, VT 1975

Solar space heating: 400 square foot active air system provides 40% of annual heat requirements.  The remainder is provided by a wood burning stove.

Heat is stored in 2900 16 oz. bottles filled with water /  antifreeze positioned in the joist space between floors.

The house is organized to provide heat distribution by gravity air flow.

The solar heating system is still providing free heat after 35 years of operation.

Hood color photo front cropped
Locally-milled site-built green lumber trusses View from the Southwest. Note the solar domestic hot water system on the upper roof.
hood_picture_rear cropped Hood airflow color
View from the Northeast Heat from the wood burning stove is restricted at night to the sleeping level by a sliding door on the stairs
Hood bottles cropped
The high surface area of the water-based heat storage system provides effective heat transfer from solar-heated air The stored heat also provides a radiant floor and ceiling for adjoining rooms